Andy Pettitte returns today. After missing four days of spring training, the vanguard of the Yankee pitching staff is scheduled to come to camp and will host a press conference at 3 p.m. If I’m free, I’ll be watching. I’m willing to bet that Roger Clemens and his lawyers as well as the Feds will be watching too.

Pete Abraham reports that Joe Girardi will be there, and possibly other front office staff.

Back to spring training, yesterday was the third day of camp and Tony Pena did catcher drills with his catcher corps and the pitching crew continued their drills, including fielding drills and running to first base, that sort of thing.

George Steinbrenner was seen at Legends Steinbrenner Field and met with Girardi, Cashman, Goose Gossage, and Ron Guidry. It was the first time that Girardi had met with the elder Steinbrenner since his signing in October.

Jack Curry had this nice piece over at the New York Times yesterday about Posada. Posada confesses his love for catching and fully intends to catch when he’s 40 and avoid DH/1B at all costs.

Nate Silver at Baseball Prospectus wrote this piece today about the power of the AL East. It’s fairly obvious how strong the division is with the two powerhouses at the top, and with Toronto being a fairly decent team and the Tampa Bay Devil Rays sometimes pulling off the customary upset. Not surprising, NL Central is the weakest division. That would probably justify Ryan Dempster’s prediction last week.

Have a good day, folks!