Yesterday, Pettitte faced the media for the first time since the congressional hearing last week.

He apologized for using HGH.

That’s pretty much all he said. He didn’t discuss Roger much, except that they’re close friends and their relationship is a bit strained right now.

Girardi, Cashman, Jeter, Mo, and Posada were all there to offer their support. That’s what true teammates are.

Aside from the continued stigma surrounding steroids in baseball and the Yankees (doesn’t anyone else think it’s unfair that the Yankees got all the attention and no other team/player has, even with the countless names in the Mitchell Report?) it was a quiet day.

Ben at RAB wrote this cool piece about sponsorship opportunities abound at the new Stadium. Anyone want to help sponsor 3G?

Pete Abraham claims to have plenty of time on his hands while waiting for his laundry to dry. Among those precious minutes, he explained the two duties that Girardi has:

The manager of the Yankees has two duties in spring training: get the team ready and take good care of Lawrence Peter Berra.

Yogi’s golf clubs arrived yesterday, and he won’t be there for a few more weeks. The golf clubs are now in Girardi’ office, protected 24/7.

I just want this steroids thing to go away. Will someone please make it all disappear?