After a long meeting yesterday morning, the full squad took the field for the first time together this season.

That has got me stoked!

A-Rod needs to get a PR director. He gave a very short interview with the media yesterday, and said that he was tested “9 to 10 times” last year for amphetamine use and steroids. PeteAbe reports that it’s usual to be tested 1-2 times a season. Oops.

With A-Rod’s new contract and his pursuit for all of the records he can get, he’s got to be careful at what he says. After all, he plays in the biggest baseball media capital.

According to multiple blogs and ESPN, the Yankees are doing more conditioning and running during this camp. Can’t blame them after a rash of hamstring injuries last year, most notably to Phil Hughes. It’s better to be in near-prime conditioning condition (isn’t that a good combination of words?) at the end of spring training than at any point during the regular season.

Johnny Damon, Jason Giambi, Bobby Abreu, among others, are all reporting to camp in better condition than last year and ready to hit the ground running. Apparently Kei Igawa isn’t. What a fat $4 million waste he is so far. Ben at RAB reports that John Harper at the Daily News says that Girardi’s lit a fire under the current squad of Yankees. Good for him.

Hal Steinbrenner offered his first interview in 20+ years. Read it at GQ here.

Congrats to the folks at RAB on their one-year anniversary! Hats off to you guys!