A-Rod boldly claimed Derek Jeter would win the AL MVP this year.

Is this A-Rod’s way of trying to patch things up between the two teammates? Relations between these two were not so warm last year. Now he makes that prediction. At least it’s more sane than Kevin Millar’s dumb prediction that the Orioles would win the World Series this year.

Seriously…Jeter had a good year last year with .322/.388/.452. While those numbers were not as high as his second-place finish in the 2006 MVP voting (where he had a .343/.417/.483), it was still consistently trademark Jeter.

However, Jeter has struggled in the playoffs as of late. He hit well in 2006, but faltered in 2007. Voting for the MVP award does not include playoff performance.  Any given year, Jeter could win the MVP. He’s that good.

Wouldn’t that be cool if there were two straight Yankee MVPs, the first time since the 1960s. Look at the list of consecutive Yankee MVPs below:

1941: Joe DiMaggio
1942: Joe Gordon
1943: Spud Chandler

1950: Phil Rizzuto
1951: Yogi Berra

1954: Yogi Berra
1955: Yogi Berra
1956: Mickey Mantle
1957: Mickey Mantle

1960: Roger Maris
1961: Roger Maris
1962: Mickey Mantle
1963: Elston Howard

2007: Alex Rodriguez
2008: ???