Today the Yankees have their first intrasquad game, and first “meaningful” practice of spring training. Joe Girardi has been commenting to the media who he is impressed with, and who needs to earn a spot.

He said the only three guaranteed bullpen pitchers are Mo, Farnsy, and LaTroy. Everyone else has equal dibs.

Question marks coming into the spring training season is first base, left field, and DH. Giambi has shown promising form early, but it’s a question whether his 37-year old body can hold up to the rigors of 162 games. Matsui and Damon both are apparently back to their old selves, which poses a problem of who to select for left field. If I had to decide now, I’d put Matsui in left and Damon at DH.

With today’s intrasquad game, this will give the fans, media, and coaches a better look at game situations and how well the pitchers fare against live hitting without a screen.

From PeteAbe, today’s pitching lineup:

Here’s how the pitchers will line up this week

Intrasquad game on Wednesday

Team one: Mike Mussina, Darrell Rasner, Dan McCutchen, Sean Henn, Jon Albaladejo, Mark Melancon.

Team two: Jeff Karstens, Scott Patterson, Steven Jackson, Billy Traber, Edwar Ramirez, Ross Ohlendorf.

I’m more interested in watching McCutchen, Henn, and Ohlendorf. I speculate Ohlendorf will be able to make the final bullpen cut. McCutchen has a big chip on his shoulder after his MLB suspension for failing to report his Adderall prescription. With a 94-MPH fastball and experience in the bullpen in college, I’m definitely intrigued with McCutchen and what he can offer to the team.