Roger Clemens officially has the law going after him.

Yesterday, the House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform formally asked the Attorney General to open an investigation. In a PDF memo (click here for PDF) released by the Committee, it details seven conflicting statements made between a deposition and the Congressional Hearing, plus affidavits from Pettitte and his wife, and medical evidence. Here’s the list:

  1. Mr. Clemens’s testimony that he has “never taken steroids or HGH.”
  2. Mr. Clemens’s testimony that Mr. McNamee injected him with lidocaine.
  3. Mr. Clemens’s testimony that team trainers gave him with pain injections.
  4. Mr. Clemens’s testimony that he received many vitamin B-12 injections.
  5. Mr. Clemens’s testimony that he never discussed HGH with Mr. McNamee.
  6. Mr. Clemens’s testimony that he was not at Jose Canseco’s home from June 8-10, 1998.
  7. Mr. Clemens’s testimony that he was “never told” about Senator Mitchell’s request.

Gene Wojciechowski did a good job of summing up the evidence of these seven conflicting statements on his column at ESPN.

With a formal request to the Department of Justice, it’s eventually inevitable that Clemens will be charged as Bonds was — and hunted down like a wild dog as Jones, Bonds, and Dana Stubblefield were by IRS special agent Jeff Novitzky.

Clemens better find a better lawyer than ‘ol Rusty. And…FAST.