It’s not often I will blog about the Red Sox. When I do, I will only do out of necessity. Today there were two pieces of news related to the Red Sox.

First came ESPN’s piece on how Red Sox Nation has become the new status quo in baseball. I’m not even going to bother commenting on this.

Secondly, Papelbon has again complained in the media about how low he is getting paid by the Red Sox this year. Jeff Louderback wrote a good piece in Sox and Pinstripes about this. I have to agree with what Jeff said here. I’m getting a bit tired of this Papelbon thing. He complained earlier this month (specifically in the press on March 4) about this. Now with the news that Joe Nathan has received a $47 million contract over four years, Papelbon felt entitled to complain again.

Nathan is tied with Rivera for the most saves in MLB since 2004, with 160. Papelbon is no where close to these two. However, I must point out that according to Baseball Reference, Nathan and Rivera have earned their fair share (but, I do think the contract that the Yankees gave Rivera was waaay overboard, but with Rivera’s stature, he’s entitled to some extra attention).

Papelbon is entering his third full season (he played in 2005, but did not earn any saves). In 2006 he had 35 saves in 59 games (68.3 IP). In 2007, Papelbon had 37 saves in 59 games (58.3 IP).

Nathan had 36 saves in 2006, in 64 games (68.3), and 37 saves in 2007 in 68 games (71).

In 2006 Rivera had 34 saves in 63 games (75 IP) and 30 saves in 2007 in 67 games and 71.3 innings pitched.

All three are measurable to each other. Factor in the years of experience in the majors for Rivera and Nathan, they have the edge over Papelbon. Remember — last year the Red Sox originally wanted to put him in the rotation, only to change their minds during spring training and put him back in the closer spot (vis a vis Joba Chamberlain).

I echo Jeff in his blog, Papelbon, please shut up and let your numbers do the talking. You will earn your due.

I don’t want to hear one more whine from Papelbon this season.