You’ve seen the MasterCard “Priceless” commercials.

Well here’s mine:

Tickets to beloved Yankees game at Camden Yards: $84

Food, water and beer: $29

Parking: $25

Peanuts, beer, and water: $12

Watching Phil Franchise and the Yankees: Priceless

But their loss last night was not so priceless. The Yankees were keeping the game close until the 6th and 7th inning when they self-destructed, losing to the O’s 8-2. There were quite a few (and I am being soft here) Yankee fans there. One thing I noticed is that there are many A-Rod and Jeter jerseys out there. There are also Matsui, Rivera, Giambi and Posada jerseys. But, I saw MANY Joba jerseys. This guy hasn’t even pitched one full season in the majors and he’s already got a cult following. He wasn’t even at the game last night.

Giambi’s error in the third inning had me fuming. I could have caught it. You don’t put your glove on your side, you put your body in front of the ball. I’m just glad he didn’t miss another one in the 7th inning and fielded it carefully. Moron.

A-Rod wasn’t better with his fielding either. At least we’ll compensate with his hitting. Last night it wasn’t there, but it’ll count.

I never knew Edwar Ramirez was such a beanpole. I saw him snagging flies during BP and he’s so skinny he could fit into a PVC pipe.

Speaking of BP, I nearly caught two A-Rod homers into the left field viewing area. Two other guys got there faster and another hit ball landed like four feet away but a guy with a glove was there first. If I had caught a foul (one landed 8 rows up from me) or a BP ball, it’d have gone to a little boy or girl (or Leah if she goes to a game with me).

The seat I had was the very first row in the club section. Nice — food delivered to your seat and perfect, clear views of the game and prices that were not so bad. I definitely enjoyed my game. Alas, we lost.

But, Pete Abraham sums it up nicely. I am not one to give up or think that Phil Hughes is doomed or should go back to the minors. He DID pitch well for 5.1 innings. He pitched with good velocity and good control. He’s doing well compared to other pitchers of his age when they were that young (Clemens, Schilling, Johnson, Maddux, etc.).

I think the Yankees will bounce back tonight (against the O’s again at 7:05pm).

Overall, a nice way to end my work week by watching my beloved Yankees in person!