The Yankees salvaged a possible sweep and a possible fourth straight loss with a very strong pitching performance from the best left hander on the Yankees rotation. Wait. Andy Pettitte’s the only left hander worth mentioning.

Pettitte kept the Orioles to only one run in seven innings, helping the Yankees win 7-1.

After watching the game on Friday personally at the Yards, I was impressed with Hughes’ performance. If not for Giambi or A-Rod’s errors, the game would have been closer. I-Ken wasn’t good at all yesterday. Giardi did a good thing today separating Hughes and I-Ken to a day between them, inserting Pettitte in between. This gives the Yankees rotation a nicer spin with Wang, Moose, Hughes, Petts and I-Ken in that order.

With an off day tomorrow (finally, about time), the Yankees will go to Chicago to face their old teammate, Jose Contreras, who is 1-1 on the season. Wang will try to build on his “W” column with his fifth start of the season.

In all, Pettitte was the only bright spot of the trip to Baltimore. Jeter was good, and so was Chad Moeller (Posada to first base, anyone?) . Hughes was okay, I-Ken needs more work.

Lets hope we can win a couple from the White Sox, who are doing not so badly themselves. They have an awful Twins, dismal Tigers, and inconsistent Indians to content with.