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There were two highlights in last night’s wrap of the mini-series against the Red Sox.

A-Rod earned 15th place on the home run list with his 522nd home run. He’s bound to pass a few other retired players on that list this year.

Manny got a nice 97-MPH warning from Farnsworth in the 7th inning. In a pitch that Farnsworth said “got away from me” a heater swished past Manny’s neck. I guess he got a nice warm neck rub.

The Yankees won a back-and-forth contest in the first game on Wednesday night, 15-9. Behind backup catcher Chad Moeller’s (who my wife partner calls disgusting by evident of his snot-blowing-episode-on-national-television) 3-4 night and D-Jete’s sizzling hot comeback from rest on the bench, the Yankees were able to bail out a rocky start by Wang and win to even the season series against the Red Sox.

Then last night, Mussina was as ineffective as he has been. He has not been reliable or shown any reason why the Yankees should even consider signing him to a contract next year. Mussina did not even last more than five innings, allowing five runs and allowing Manny to smoke two home runs (three if you count the last time they faced each other last week) into the stands.

There’s someone everyone has been avoiding lately — Jeter. Since he came off the bench after injuring his quad, he’s gone 8 for 17 (.470) with 7 RBI and 4 runs. He’s quickly making up for the games he missed.

I’ll be at the game tonight at Baltimore. I hope to have a report afterwards.


I’m going to say this just once.

The Yankees fans who booed LaTroy Hawkins before last night are idiots. Booing at a player who is a pretty good bullpen pitcher who wanted to honor Roberto Clemente is not classy. This isn’t Beantown, people. Leave the classless act to the Massachusetts people.

Just because Paul O’Neil wore #21 doesn’t mean Hawkins can’t. I don’t even think O’Neil’s number should be retired.

Here’s why:

  • He wasn’t homegrown — he was acquired in a trade!
  • He wasn’t even the best player on the team. He was good, but not great.
  • He probably won’t be elected to the Hall of Fame, therefore does his number need to be retired? No.
  • Just because he was part of the Yankee dynasty that won World Championships doesn’t automatically give him the right to have his number retired. If that’s the case then Brosius and Curtis and Boggs and all the other players from that era need to have their numbers retired.

Stupid Yankee fans.

P.S. I’m stoked about last night’s 15-9 victory. I watched every inning except the last two, sans some channel flipping to satisfy my wife partner’s urges to watch Ghost Hunters on SciFi Channel.

I’m also stoked that I’m going to see Phil Franchise pitch on Friday live at Oriole Park at Camden Yards! I hope this will be the first of several Yankees games I will see this year, both at the Stadium and at opponent locations.

The night that Pettitte saw himself become just the second Yankee pitcher with a winning percentage was the night the Yankees scored their first series sweep of the season. They beat their AL East foes Tampa Bay by a score of 5-3 behind offensive performances by A-Rod (double, RBI), Matsui (HR), Jeter (3 for 4).

The fact that the much-maligned Farnsworth had a perfect 8th wasn’t too bad. The good part of the pitching? Pettitte lasted 7 innings, again giving the Yankees bullpen some time to rest. Mo was his usually hot self, getting his fifth save this year. He didn’t have his fifth save last season until May 2. Perhaps the new contract he signed this offseason has given him new energy.

Overall, the Yankees offense was better. In the previous series against Boston, they only managed 9 runs while the last two games they scored 13 runs. It can’ help that the pitching was better too with I-Ken and Petts helping.

We return home for a short series against the Boston Red Sox for the first home series against them. The Wangster will be up for his fourth start and possibly his fourth victory on the young season. Wang pitched a complete game the last time he faced Boston. The Yankees face Buchholz, who they played around with the last time they faced him, kicking him out of the game after 6 innings.

This will be Wang’s second start at the stadium, the first since April 1.

Let’s go for a sweep of the Red Sox and a four-game winning streak!

The Yankees left Boston losers of two straight against the Red Sox. Call it part of the Ortiz jersey curse?

After a stellar outing by The Wangster on Friday night, limiting the Red Sox to two hits, the Yankees pitching self-destructed on Saturday and Sunday. Mussina wasn’t so bad for five innings on Saturday, and we all now know about Girardi’s first mistake he has made as a manager — leaving Mussina to face Manny Ramirez in the 6th inning, only to have a two-run double hit him in the face, figuratively.

Last night, Phil Franchise wasn’t so much better, actually, he was worse. He only lasted 2 innings. The Yankees’ long relief in the bullpen wasn’t much better either.

To give the Yankees some benefit of the doubt:
1) Since 2006, the Red Sox have won nearly all of their games against the Yankees in April and May. From June on, the Yankees own the Red Sox.

2) The Yankees have a myriad of injuries, and added Molina to the list last night. Jeter’s hurting, Posada’s hurting. Both should return tonight.

3) Several of the bats are cold. Especially Giambi and Cano. Others are hot. Especially Abreu, Matsui, and Molina.

4) It’s only April. Yes, the Yankees are in last place in the AL East. But only behind by 1.5. The AL East has practically self-destructed over the last two weeks.

Overall, the Yankees should have taken at least two games from the Red Sox. It’s still too early in the season and I’d rather have the injuries happen now than later, so it’s safer to say that I’ll let the Red Sox take the series this time.

Yankees are now in Tampa Bay for a two-game series. No longer pushovers, the Rays can give the Yankees fits, especially with how poorly the offense is playing. I-Ken is on the mound tonight for his second start of the season.

One more thing, say a short prayer or a moment of silence for Harlan Chamberlain — Joba’s dad — who slipped and fell and is in critical condition in a Lincoln, Nebraska hospital.

Now we finally know the real truth behind Ortiz’s slump to the beginning of the year. He’s 3 for 43 on the season and struck out yesterday against Mussina. We know the slump won’t be forever, but the reason he’s suffering badly is because of…

This.  The famed jersey unearthed from the bowels of the new Yankee Stadium. His psyche had been suffering. Perhaps it should have been left buried forever?

Nah. I’d want it out too. The Yankees are doing a good thing of a bad thing by donating the jersey to the Jimmy Fund for charity.

I’ll be back tomorrow with a wrap of the BoSox series.

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