The Seattle Series Wrap-Up

I believe the Yankees finally showed what they can be capable of last weekend against Seattle.

They completed a three-game series, firing on all cylinders with their offense clicking and pitching dominating.  Seattle is no pushover, mind you, but the series sweep should have a positive effect on the team’s mojo entering this week with series against the Indians then at the Tigers.

I was at the game last Saturday — pending my summer plans, it may have been the last time I will be at the ballpark as I live more than 250 miles away from the Bronx. It was also a nice family affair as three generations of Yankee fans were there — my mom, myself and my siblings, and my daughter. It was my daughter’s second game at the Stadium. We sat in the right field bleachers and the view wasn’t bad at all. Even my brother commented that the view was better than he expected. We had perfect view of the offensive barrage named Johnny Damon and watched Mooooooose dominate throughout the game. It was simply vintage Moose that I grew up watching on the Orioles squad while I was in high school in D.C. (and I was still a Yankee fan, I did not and will not convert to the Orioles or Nationals.

(My daughter with my brother sitting on the right. The blonde hair behind my brother is my sister, and my mother is behind my sister)

Being the shot glass collector I am, I bought a shot glass with the final season at YS imprinted on it and bought myself a light Yankee jacket — something I’ve wanted for years but never got a chance to splurge (much to my wife’s chagrin).

The Yankees finally had an off day yesterday and will start a new 3-game series against the Indians tonight. Last month they split a 4 game series at Progressive Field, losing the first two only to come back and win the final two games. Tonight Pettitte goes for his fourth win on the season against rising star Fausto Carmona. Then we see the Wangster on Wednesday and on Thursday is the Moose (who, surprisingly is almost as effective as Pettitte, having won more games, and pitching better over the last three games he started in).

Watch Melky Cabrera, Jeter, Abreu and Damon in this series. These players are hot and should continue to be hot. Cabrera, of all the players, is leading the team in home runs. *shocking*  Hopefully the home run by Robinson Cano last Sunday is a sign that he may be coming out of his slump.

I’ll be rooting for a 2 out of 3 series or a sweep to give the team the momentum they need and prevent this agonizing pattern of losing games after winning a few. The Yankees sure have had a few of these this season.

This is Really Sick, Seriously

I first heard of this last night, and I have to say that this is really, really sick.

Sure, I know about the RedSox fans beating down a Yankees fan in a restaurant in Boston earlier this year. But this one is sick.

A woman intending to scare a crowd of RedSox fans accelerated and struck and killed a 29-year old RedSox fan. I’m all for a little yelling and chanting. Fighting is over the line, hurting others is over the line, but to actually use a vehicle as a weapon and kill someone else is a crime. She deserves what she gets — drunk or not. I cannot keep saying how sick this is…

She should be barred for life from Yankee Stadium, not be allowed to wear a Yankee jersey or even root for the Yankees. Good chance that will happen as she will probably be behind bars.