The Yankees acquired Ivan “Pudge” Rodriguez today from the Detroit Tigers for RP Kyle Farnsworth. It was a trade that made sense for both sides.

While Jose Molina has been defensively excellent behind the plate with throwing out 48% of base runners, he has never started this many games in his career before and his offense is struggling (currently at .226 on the year), the addition of Pudge will help relieve the burden on Molina and enable the Yankees to get rid of Chad Moeller.

I-Rod is a 14-time All Star and previously was the AL MVP 9 years ago. While his offensive years of the 1990s are long gone, his offense is a vast improvement over Molina. His arm isn’t what it used to be — he’s throwing out 36% of base runners, the Yankees clearly need the offense to make a serious push towards October.

A big bonus is that I-Rod and A-Rod are teamed up again after previously playing for the Rangers a couple of years ago before both of them parted ways.

As for giving up Farnsworth, several bloggers have mentioned that Farnsworth has actually improved in the bullpen and getting rid of him doesn’t make sense. I disagree.

With the addition of Marte, the Yankees felt they could part ways with Farnsworth and the Tigers needed a reliever with the problems with Todd Jones and Joel Zuyama. The Yankees have Ramirez, Robertson, Giese, Viera, Rivera, and possibly will get Brian Bruney back soon and might see Melacon in September.

It was the perfect trade for two teams and their push for October.

Now let’s see if Boston gets rid of Manny Ramirez.