If not for Giambi, it would actually say 483-286-4.

The Yankees avoided having Boston sweep them at home to close out the last regular season game between the two storied rivals. After the Babe Ruth-led Yankees swept the Red Sox in four games to open the Stadium in 1923, the Red Sox nearly returned the favor earlier today.

Jason Giambi, coming off the bench as a pinch hitter hit a two-run homer to tie the game in the seventh inning and then in the ninth hit a game-winning single to center to score home Brett Gardner.

Jon Lester and Mike Mussina were effective in their outings today, Lester more than Mussina. Mussina, still stuck on 16 wins has failed to earn win number 17 his last two outings. In 7 innings, Mussina allowed 5 hits and struck out 6 while allowing two runs. Lester was just as effective, allowing 1 run in 6.2 innings with 8 strikeouts. It was the Boston bullpen that the Yankees took advantage of. The Yankees were able to get 2 runs off the bullpen to clinch the game and avoid the sweep.

Aside from Giambi’s heroics today, A-Rod was simply awful again. He struck out three times and left 4 men on base, including a GIDP. On TV, A-Rod was seen bashing his bat several times on the bat rack in the dugout. He is obviously frustrated. This is akin to how he behaved two years ago while mired in a similar slump. He needs to snap out of it and get his act together.

Derek Jeter continued his sizzling month of August, going 3 for 4 to raise his average to .297. Cody Ransom continued his breakout season by getting one hit with 2 at-bats. His average is a whopping .750, but that’s only with 4 career at-bats. He’s clearly a defensive and offensive upgrade at first base over Giambi, but time will tell if he will rise or become a Melky-type.

It was good to see the Yankees win one against the Red Sox at home.

Yankees are at home this weekend against Toronto. Tomorrow they face AJ Burnett again with “American Idle” Carl Pavano on the mound. Pavano is currently on waivers and he could possibly be picked by another team, giving newly-called-up Al Aceves a chance to start either tomorrow or Saturday in place of Darrell Rasner. It’s also possible Phil Hughes will start on Saturday while Rasner goes to the bullpen as the long relief.