So, as the good man known as my brother Chris said yesterday, you need to take what George A King III of the New York Post says with a grain of salt.  In fact, whenever you read something from one of his “sources” you might want to either A.) take the largest grain of salt you can fit in your mouth, or B.) just screw the top off the salt shaker and and chug it.

The much more reliable Kat O’Brien over at Newsday, was able to talk to a Yankee team official who said the Yankees are not interested in offering AJ Burnett 5 years or anywhere near $80 Million.  I have to say I am relieved to learn this.  Of course, I didn’t really believe what Mr King wrote, but the mear mention of the possibility of it happening made my stomach queasy.  $80 Million for a pitcher who has been on the DL 9 times since 2000?  $80 Million for a guy who only pitches really well in the year he is going to be a Free Agent.

As Chris said yesterday, Burnett is a good pitcher, but the Yankees need to be wary.  We don’t need another Kevin Brown, and we sure as heck don’t need another Carl Pavano either.