MLB owners unanimously approved today the transfer of control of the Yankees to Hal Steinbrenner.  Hal follows in the footsteps of his father George, who ran the Yankees for 35 years transforming the organization from one worth $8 Million, to one worth more then $1 Billion today.

Today’s approval only makes official what has been going on since April when Hal and his brother Hank took over the day-to-day operations of the Yankees.  The two brothers essentially run the team together.  Hank oversees the Front Office and players, while Hal is responsible for the financial operations.

The elder Steinbrenner was the current longest serving owner and did a lot for the Yankees.  Although sometimes he was an cranky old man, he restored the Yankees to greatness and was willing to make the financial sacrafices necessary to turn the Yankees organization into what it is today.

Yankees President Randy Levine said today that George will still be involved in the operations of the club and nothing will change as a result of this announcement.

I am curious why Hal was chosed over Hank, although at this point there has been no explanation of this from anyone on the Yankees staff.  My guess: Hank is a brash loudmouth while Hal is a little more reserved and professional