Via multiple media outlets, the Yankees via new control person Hal Steinbrenner has announced that CC Sabathia has a deadline to accept the Yankees’ 6/$140 million offer.

It’s been exactly one week and only one other team has made an offer, the Brewers for $100 million.

There has been pressure from the MLBPA to Sabathia to “not” turn down this offer or that will send a strong message to teams to decrease player salaries.

But it looks like Sabathia, who is a free agent for the first time in his career, is content on seeing what other teams have to offer. Perhaps he wants to get a signing bonus.

Sure, let’s include one! Give him a free turkey dinner with all the trimmings and side dishes and a delicious pan of pumpkin pie on Thanksgiving, an all-year, anytime inclusive meal ticket to a couple of restaurants in NYC and his own customized XXL Yankees jersey!

Seriously here, Sabathia has a deadline, and I’m afraid to think of what may happen if the deadline passes and the Yankees take the offer off the table. (hint: Burnett and Lowe are not the answer.)