Brian McNamee, the ex-trainer behind the Roger Clemens steroid scandal has reportedly submitted his DNA to investigators, according to a report published today in the New York Times by Michael S. Schmidt.

For those of you who may have rusty recollection of the events that transpired last spring, McNamee was named in the Mitchell Report as the “supplier” of Roger Clemens and other stars. In the report, McNamee stated he injected Clemens in the buttocks.

During a Congressional testimony before the House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform, Clemens flatly denied any and all connections with steroids. In between discourse of pus, buttocks, and abscesses, McNamee and Clemens called each other liars.

Schmidt explains that McNamee was nervous that Clemens may someday betray him so he kept all of the syringes, gauze pads, and other elements associated with injecting steroids.

Schmidt writes:

The request for McNamee’s DNA sample could imply that readable DNA has been found on the items that McNamee submitted to authorities. Experts in criminal investigations said it was highly unlikely that authorities would request DNA samples without having something with which it can be compared.

Traces of McNamee’s DNA on the items would not, in and of itself, be damaging to Clemens. But McNamee’s DNA is necessary as part of the overall examination of the items. And only if both Clemens’s DNA and drug traces were discovered on the items would authorities have evidence that would bolster their investigation.

As I mentioned last February, I’m ready for this to go to bed. I’m tired of all the allegations between McNamee and Clemens. More than ever before, I’m convinced Clemens did steroids. The way he conducted himself under oath and the fact Andy Pettitte admitted he has used HGH before and that he’s BFF with Clemens just pretty much confirmed it for me.

Now that the feds have obtained a second sample of DNA from McNamee just tells me that this isn’t going away anytime soon.