The Yankees and the city announced recently that the old Stadium will not go down until fall 2009 at the earliest. Here’s why:

…on the film front, actor Josh Lucas said he is thrilled to get the chance to play Thurman Munson in the upcoming film “Keeper of the Pinstripes” that will feature Bernie Williams. Lucas wants to put on about 20 pounds for the role and plans to do some in-depth research. When Lucas brilliantly portrayed basketball coach Don Haskins in “Glory Road” it was Haskins, Pat Riley and Tim Floyd who taught the actor how to act like a coach.

“It’s an honor to get this role,” Lucas told The Post’s Kevin Kernan. “There’s a couple of them you get every once in a while, I felt that way with ‘Glory Road,’ too. Haskins was not as known as Munson by any means, but he had a similar sort of powerful way about him, a really salt-of-the-earth kind of man. I learned so much playing Haskins, and I have a feeling it will be similar with this, too.”

“I learned more about life in ‘Glory Road’ than in any movie I’ve ever done,” Lucas added. “Between those three, Haskins, Riley and Floyd, I learned about what the essence of coaching demands and how they go about pulling greatness from their players.” Riley, Lucas noted, “had more movie-star-quality personality than any movie star I’ve ever seen. It was pretty amazing.”

“Keeper of the Pinstripes” is based on a series of children’s books by Ray Negron. The film is being directed by Robby Benson of “One on One” fame.

Gere will play Lou Gehrig in an animated film based on Negron’s series.

In “Keeper of the Pinstripes” the production company is reaching out to James Gandolfini to play the part of Babe Ruth. If he accepts, Tony Soprano would be going from his Gambino-like role to the Bambino.

A movie.

*sighs* That’s the last thing I wanted, to have one of the last events to occur in the stadium a movie filming. There’s practically nothing there left. So why bother?