According to an article printed in today’s LA Times, the Angels are now actively exploring a contract offer for CC Sabathia.

The article reports that the Angels are balking at Scott Boras’ asking price of 10 years at XXX dollars (assumed to be $200 million, similar to what Boras asked for Carlos Beltran several years ago). Resigned to the fact they might not sign Teixeira, the Angels are reported to be discussing a contract similar to what the Yankees offered Sabathia.

I’m not sure how much to read into this. I’m not a GM or a front office staff, but it could be a ploy to pressure Teixeira to make a decision or to accept their reduced offer of 7 or less years, or it could also be a ruse to get the Yankees to up the ante on Sabathia.

Whatever happens, I know the Yankees will outbid anyone. They’ve already sent that message with their initial offer. And as I’ve already said several times on this blog, the money apparently isn’t important to Sabathia right now — he’s weighting offers, and checking around and seeing what he wants to do with his career.

We should focus on Teixeira if we can’t get Sabathia. Plus go ahead and explore AJ Burnett, Ben Sheets, or Brad Penny, or even Jake Peavey.