Kevin Long has reported after spending some time with Robinson Cano in the Dominican Republic that the Yankee second baseman has been losing weight and gaining some muscle.

“I was as impressed with what he looks like as I have ever been in my whole life,” hitting coach Kevin Long said of Cano yesterday after spending six days last week in the Dominican Republic with the second baseman who led the list of Yankees disappointments last season.

Last season Cano had a year he’d like to forget quickly. Famous for starting slow, Cano’s slow season become prolonged and it wasn’t until his benching in September when he finally surged offensively. During his benching Long worked with Cano to improve his stance. After that he showed flashes of the form where he hit .346 in 2006 and .306 in 2007.

The Yankees have been talking about getting first baseman Mark Teixeira and Orlando Hudson, a second baseman they believe could play center field.

I’m all for Teixeira if we don’t get another fat contract (i.e. Burnett or Lowe), but not for Hudson. Cano is still young, and has all of the ability in the world. The last thing I want to do is to trade him before he really hits his prime.

Although this story is from the NY Post, I’m going to link it here. Read it if you wish.