So apparently today all I am good for is the juicy news.  Chris hooks you up with the real news, I swoop in with the rumors and the juicy innuendo.

If you are a true Yankee fan, you have heard already that A-Rod and his wife filed for divorce earlier this year.  You also would have heard the rumor that A-Rod has fallen for Madonna.  Yes, that Madonna.  Now, being a Yankee fan would not mean you would have heard that Madonna and her longtime husband, Guy Ritchie, have also divorced.  Hopefully you are still with me.

So what does this have to do with anything?

On a trip up to Albany, NY today, I heard on the radio that A-Rod will not be spending Thanksgiving with his family.  He is putting on a nice little party for Madonna and her kids – his kids are not invited for some reason.

This is juicy.

This comes on the heels of A-Rod not even showing up for the divorce proceedings.  Apparently he is so smitten with Madonna that he has completely shut out his ex-wife and is starting to alienate his kids.

A-Rod has always been a little weird, but I hope that this does not spell trouble for the Yankees next season.