Multiple media outlets have this story, but I read it first in the NY Times.

George Mitchell (a.k.a. Red Sox insider) has declared his report successful in helping make changes in baseball.

Mitchell even went on boldly to state that there are less performance enhancing drugs in baseball. That’s an assessment I will agree with. The 409 page report that named names, dates, details and all of the nuts and bolts  shook the baseball world last December.

Most notably one Roger Clemens.

Mitchell’s statement of the day: “I believe we accomplished our objective of providing a thorough and fair accounting about what we learned about how the steroids era occurred, what happened and what ought to be done about it,” he said. “In a report of that length, 409 pages, including thousands of details, names, dates, facts and otherwise, I think it has held up quite well.”

I still find it very, very fishy that no current or former Red Sox player (someone that played during the Steriod Era in baseball and left during his tenure with the team) was named.