Ken Rosenthal at reported today that major league sources have told him Andy Pettitte has had conversations with Joe Torre about playing for the Dodgers next season.  It is unclear at this time if the talks are serious or just planned to get the Yankees moving towards offering him a contract.

Don’t forget that back in 2003, Pettitte felt that the Yankees waited too long to offer him a contract, so he signed with his hometown Houston Astros, instead.  Even after the Yankees offered him a much higher contract last-minute.  So is this a ploy to get the Yankees moving faster this time?

The sources also tell Rosenthal that it is unlikely Pettitte will return to Houston because owner Drayton McLane might still be cranky about him resigning with the Yankees in 2006.

Pettitte would work out well in LA.  We all know Joe Torre is a phenomenal coach and Pettite would feel comfortable in a Torre clubhouse.  Personally, if the Yankees do not resign Pettitte, I wouldn’t mind seeing him in Dodger blue.

By the way, I have seen other blog posts on other sites talk about how re-signing Pettitte would be a bad idea because of his pitching this past season.  Don’t forget that Mike Mussina pitched horribly in 2007 – in fact, he was banished to the bullpen at one point.  Only to come back this year and win 20 games for the first (and only) time in his career.