In an article in the-newspaper-that-shall-not-be-named, Dodgers GM Ned Colletti admits that the Los Angeles Dodgers have “some” interest in Andy Pettitte.

This poses a possible problem for the Yankees:

With Monday’s deadline for offering salary arbitration to free agents, the Yankees are faced with a dilemma now that Pettitte has expanded his choices beyond retirement or the Yankees.

If the Yankees offer Pettitte arbitration and he accepts, he is a signed player and his one-year salary would be determined through the arbitration process.

Pettitte would receive an increase from the $16 million he made last year. Due to how poorly he played last year, the Yankees have balked at signing Pettitte because he doesn’t want to take a pay cut.

Pettitte’s dance with the Dodgers could be a ploy to get the Yankees to give him the $16 million he wants.