Being a Marylander now, I couldn’t help but notice the piece by Jack Curry in the New York Times two days ago about how, despite their local roots, AJ Burnett and Mark Teixeira aren’t probably going to land in Camden Yards.

Burnett and his family live in Monkton (which is less than 30 miles from Baltimore), and Teixeira grew up in Severna Park, near Annapolis.

As I read often in Washington-area papers, Peter Angelos, since buying the Orioles in 1993 has seen the team spiral downward. He is nver involved with encouraging his team to sign marquee free agents. The only splashy name he approved the signing of was Miguel Tejada, who was traded last year to the Astros.

Will Angelos go after either free agent? No.

Does that bode well for the AL East rivals? Yes, but either free agent is unlikely to sign with the Yankees. The Yankees are reluctant to add another 10-year contract and offer an oft-injured pitcher a 5 year contract.