Coming from the Daily News is a report that the City of New York demanded a suite, along with free food in exchange for additional parking spaces in the new Yankee Stadium scheduled to open this spring.

The Daily News obtained copies of e-mail correspondence through the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA), showing that the City wanted a suite, and the Yankees obliged.

Assemblyman Richard Brodsky started the investigation into the details surrounding why taxpayer costs are going up for the Stadium, and this is one of the startling pieces of information he has discovered.

“The city’s pursuit of a luxury suite at Yankee Stadium was achieved at a significant cost to taxpayers,” Brodsky said in releasing dozens of e-mails dating back to January 2006.

This has been an ongoing battle between the city and the organization. The city owns the current Stadium and plans to sell off items from inside, including seats, urinals, and other items. Now that the city wanted a suite and the organization complied, it’s going to cost taxpayers more.

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