For all of the problems the Knicks have with their selfish “star” Stephon Marbury and the Giants with their wacko receiver Plaxico Burress, the Yankees look less nutty than their city counterparts.

So it looks like Phil Hughes is looking forward to 2009. Mark Feinsand wrote a piece where he interviews Hughes at his Southern California home and got some comments from him.

“It’s just one of those wait-and-see things,” Hughes said from his family’s Southern California home. “We’ll sign whoever we sign this winter, and I’ll go to spring training with the same attitude that I always do. I don’t worry about the things I can’t control.”

Hughes dropped his slider and worked on his cutter and changeup in the AFL, helping build up his innings total to a shade under 100 this past season. His hopes are to get to 150-175 in 2009 and get a spot on the rotation.

People are constantly reminded that Hughes is only 22 years old. CC Sabathia, in comparison, didn’t start his MLB career until he was 17 in the minors and got into the majors at age 20. Hughes started in the minors at 18 and has only pitched in 21 big league games and only racked up 107 total innings in the bigs. That is nothing compared to other pitchers who have started late.

As far as I can tell, Hughes is still a prized commodity in the Yankees’ organization, whether you like it or not.