Former Yankees Skipper and awesome guy Joe Torre told Newsday Thursday that he does not forsee Andy Pettitte going out west to Dodgertown.

“I talked to Andy,” Torre told Newsday in a phone interview. “His agent had called the Dodgers to find out about interest, and that’s when I called him. I had talked to Andy much earlier, asking him to come to my (Safe at Home) Foundation dinner. He was always married to the Yankees, the excitement playing for the Yankees.  I called him only because his agent called (Dodgers’ GM) Ned (Colletti). I certainly would’ve kicked myself (if I hadn’t called). He never said no to anything, but just from talking to him, I know the Yankees are his first choice. I wasn’t about to talk him out it, knowing Andy like I do.”

Torre and Pettitte always had a great relationship.  At first this offseason, I thought that Pettitte wanted to play somewhere he felt comfortable and because he loved the game.  After reading Chris’ post from earlier today, it seems that Pettitte wants to come back for the money.  Maybe his investments went down 50% in the last 6 months, like mine did, and now he needs the money.  But if he is coming back for the money, then he probably won’t get it from the cash-strapped Dodgers.