I don’t often quote the trashy Post and the wacky George A. King III, but this article is from Kevin Kernan:

The former USC star went home and worked with pitching guru Tom House, who has been the Trojans’ pitching coach the past two years.

“I got some tips and started applying those and it made the break of my curveball better and the command of it extremely better,” Kennedy said from Puerto Rico. “Now I know what I have to do. Before I was just throwing it to throw it and try to throw it for a strike and not have any idea.”

Kernan reports that Kennedy is holding the ball a bit longer during delivery, enabling the ball to curve better and break over the plate more effectively.

I’ve not closed the book on Kennedy (or Hughes for that matter) yet. Kennedy is 24 and has only pitched 39 2/3 innings in the majors. He walked 26 batters and allowed 50 hits last season. He is still young and still developing. In the majors, the youngsters are the ones swinging the bats and playing in the field. The “masters” are the pitchers, which is why Mike Mussina was the master last year.