Despite reports that CC Sabathia asked to speak to the Yankees this weekend, ESPN is reporting that CC Sabathia wants to be a Dodger.  Dodger’s GM Ned Colleti told ESPN’s Jayson Stark on Monday that he ran into Sabathia on Sunday night in a hotel lobby in Las Vegas and the free-agent pitcher told him then about his desire to play for the Dodgers.

Although the Dodgers have come out publicly about not spending a lot of money this off-season, Colleti did not rule out making a run for Sabathia.  “It’s a possibility,” Colletti said Monday. “It’s an interesting dynamic with anybody who is long-term at a salary that’s higher than most. When you’re talking about a player who is long-term, it’s going to change the dynamic of your team in some way.”

Sabathia and his agent met with the Yankees GM Brian Cashman and Manager Joe Girardi on Sunday night for approximately 2 1/2 hours.  The Yankees left the meeting feeling positive that Sabathia wants to pay for the Yankees.

After this report, it seems to me that Sabathia is playing the field at this point.  I am getting the impression that he wants the money the Yankees are offering, he just wants it offered by either of the LA teams so he can stay near the home he is currently building in Southern Cali.