For the second times in as many months, the Yankees are holding discussions with the Brewers to trade for center fielder Mike Cameron.  We originally posted a report that the Yanks and Brewers began initial discussions on Nov. 7th.  At that time, a trade did not look likely because the Brewers wanted Ian Kennedy, but the Yanks weren’t willing to give him up.

Now, it appears that the trade would be Melky Cabrera for Mike Cameron and cash – or at least that’s what the Bronx Bombers want.  At this point, that’s where the talks are held up.  Cameron is set to make $10 Million next year – a sum the Yankees Brass is not too keen on.  Cabrera and Bret Gardener, who would compete for the position, make under $1 Million.  Combined.  So the Yanks want the Brewers to pitch in part of that difference.

As I reported on Nov 7, I don’t think this trade will go through, nor do I think it should.  I realize that Cameron historically is a good option as a lead-off man in the lineup, but the man only managed to hit .243 last season.  Now I will give him credit for smacking 25 home runs and 70 RBIs in only 120 games, but still – Cabrera had an off year and still had a better average then Cameron.  Cameron is getting older, and thus, slower.  He provides a veteran presence in the outfield, but in a position where your nearest teammate is a good 40-50 yards away, I think speed and defensive prowess are more important.

Another reason why this deal won’t go through: The Brewers have to hate the Yankees right now.  Picture this.  You’re 18 years old and you met a hot chick (or guy) at the bar, mack-ed it well and were able score a couple of dates.  Then you introduce her to your 22 year-old brother, who makes 6 figures and looks good doing it and she falls for him instead.  Because not only does he look better then you, he can also buy her nicer things.

If you didn’t get the analogy, that is what the Yankees just did to the Brewers.  Brewers had a nice half-a-season with CC Sabathia, and the Yankees, who look better and have more spending money, just outbid them by $61 Million and made Sabathia theirs.   Now, if you were that little brother, would you make a trade like this to your older brother?  No way, you’d tell him where he can stick it.

I vote that the Yankees keep the competition between Cabrera and Gardner going for one more season.  Austin Jackson will be ready to play CF in 2010.   Johnny Damon and Hideki Matsui are entering the last year of their respective contracts and its likely that the Yankees will not plan to keep all four outfielders.  So we keep either Damon or Matsui, and either Gardner or Cabrera.  And let the men earn it on the field.