There was some quiet rumblings yesterday afternoon.

Tyler Kepner is reporting that the trade of Melky Cabrera for Mike Cameron is on the back burner for now. This will give some hope to Yankee fans like myself and my brother.

We know they do not value Cameron at $10 million, which is why they wanted the Brewers to include some money — or take on Kei Igawa — to make the deal happen. Now that a fair deal seems to be in place, the question is whether it makes baseball sense.

According to some reports, it was Girardi who told Cashman to “hold on, waitamin…” The Yankees honestly do not need Cameron. They have, as Kepner says:

…a spring training competition between two motivated young players -– both with the kind of athleticism the Yankees say they want –- would be fun to see.

Here, Kepner is talking about Cabrera and Brett Gardner. Both are young, not as offensively-productive as Cameron, but they would be cheaper and would be a good defensive force in center field. Cameron is 36 and we already have 4 players over 35. We cannot win a World Series with that many.

On the Andy Pettitte front, there is no news, except Jon Heyman reports that there might be a 3 year, $36 million offer from another team, reportedly Boston. It could be a ploy to get the Yankees to up their offer, which I belive the Yankees won’t bite at. If Andy believes it’s better to sign elsewhere, go ahead.

Manny Ramirez and Mark Teixeira both are still in the Yankee’s radar. More Ramirez than Texiera, something I’m not thrilled about. Put Teixeira high on their list and you have your first base player for the next 8 years. Someone we haven’t seen since the likes of Mattingly and before him, Gehrig. Teixeira is young (28), and very athletic. Ramirez is one of the most feared hitters, but his attitude and his “me-first” attitude turns off people. I’d go all out on Tex, say, 8 years for $195 million. It’s well worth the investment.

Baseball insiders don’t think Ramirez will be signed until January. Tex could come as early as this week. Pettitte, who knows?  As for the Cameron/Cabrera trade, that’s on hold, hopefully forever.