From PeteAbe:


Near the end of the Brewers season, when Milwaukee was basically pitching Sabathia every third day, his agents called Brewers GM Doug Melvin a few times. Seems they were worried about how all the extra work might affect Sabathia’s arm, possibly injuring him as he was about to become a free agent. According to Brian Cashman, Greg Genske (the agent) and his associates were saying to Melvin, “Don’t pitch him on three days rest. What are you doing?”

When Sabathia heard about these phone calls, he went into the office the next time it happened and began yelling back at his agents, “Stop calling!”

When the Yankees heard that story, they knew that was the kind of guy they wanted to add to their own team chemistry.

“He put his own situation aside for the team, trying to win a championship even though he hadn’t been there very long,” Cashman said. “That tells you what kind of guy he is. … We’re buying an extreme talent, yes, but we’re also buying an incredible personality in that clubhouse.”


If its possible to feel even a little bit better about the Sabathia signing, this is it.  Merry Christmas, Joe Girardi.