There’s a whole lot of news today about Mark Teixeira. Let’s review the articles…

Kevin Kernan at the Post writes that the Yankees should go hard after Tex.

Adding Teixeira would help in so many ways. His on-base percentage was .410. Alex Rodriguez led the Yankees with a .392 mark. Teixeira hit 33 home runs. His presence in the lineup would make A-Rod that much more valuable. This is no different than having David Ortiz and Ramirez. Ortiz has not been the same without Manny.

This is something I’ve repeated on this blog often — we need a quality #3 hitter. Be it Tex or Ramirez.

While not as explosive as Manny, who showed last year with the Dodgers that he could single-handedly carry a team to the postseason, Teixeira is younger than Manny and offers two big advantages, his defense at first and he’s a power-oriented switch-hitter.

Think of the success the Yankees had when they had Bernie Williams in such a role. Older fans can think back to the success of switch-hitter Mickey Mantle anchoring the lineup. A power switch-hitter gives a manager so many more options. During his prime, Jorge Posada offered much in that department.

This is a huge plus, in my opinion. The Yankees have not had balance at switch hitter since Bernie was pushed out and Posada went down last year. Adding Tex would give the Yankees what they need.

Michael Schmidt says the Yankees are keeping their eye on Tex and waiting. Much like they did in 2005 when the Red Sox-Damon talks got to an impasse.

Then Kat O’Brien at Newsday shares that the Yankees are close to starting talks with Tex/Boras.

Here’s the piece of the day that I think is worth reading. This is all about Boras. Bill Madden at the Daily News says that this is all a clever economics game played by Scott Boras. His goal? To actually drag this process long enough to make a “dumb” owner/GM willing to pay his price for his prime free agent.

This prime free agent is Mark Teixeira, but according to Madden:

Boras started out seeking 10 years, $250 million for Teixeira, a player who has never finished higher than seventh in the Most Valuable Player award voting, a player who has been with three teams in six years and but one round of the postseason. Ask the Atlanta Braves (who gave up four top prospects to acquire Teixeira from the Texas Rangers in July ’07) how much impact he had for them. This guy is not Albert Pujols even though in this economy Boras is marketing him as such.

Did you miss the last line? Pujols vs. Teixeira? Not comparable. Pujols has been the MVP several times already, and Tex has not finished higher than 7th. And to be asking for a 8/$200 or an AAV of $22-23 million for someone who is not superior like A-Rod or Pujols, c’mon.

But, Madden continues in his article…

…the Nats’ Ted Lerner more and more looks to be emerging as this year’s prime candidate for the “One Dumb Owner” (in the mold of Texas’ Tom Hicks) Boras always seems to bamboozle into onerous contracts they immediately come to regret.

Being from the DC/MD area, I am very highly doubtful the Nats will sign Tex. There isn’t much in the DC papers about this. No one cares. They have this 1-year-old stadium that is pretty cool (if you haven’t gone there yet, go there), but a dismal team that can be something if they build from within. Adding Tex to the Nats will make it like A-Rod with the Rangers.

The best line of Madden’s article? “Even the teams that want him realize Teixeira drinks the Boras Kool-Aid – which is to say he accepts the premise that it doesn’t matter where you play as long you’re the highest paid.”