Let the floodgates open. I’ve already gotten several hate comments on my Facebook. Most of them directed at the Yankees, and some towards me for my allegiance to the team.

Sure, bring it on. Hate us. For spending nearly a half billion dollars on three players and $800 million the last two years on Jorge Posada, Mariano Rivera, A-Rod, Teixeira, Sabathia, and Burnett.

Isn’t it the mark of a good employer to be paid well and get excellent benefits? If I were in that situation, I’d request the money I’m worth to service my employer. I consider myself a good high school teacher. Alas, I don’t get paid enough like other people who work the same amount of hours I do. I teach the future generations of Americans, and the same applies with the players the Yankees sign. The Yankees know they are out to win every year. They know that money cannot buy a World Series, and instead of that moniker, the Yankees are out to be the best every year.

And if you don’t like that, then put up or shut up. Peter Angelos is an idiot. He bought the Orioles in the early 1990s and let them disintegrate. Carl Podlaha is an idiot. He let Johan Santana, Torii Hunter, and other countless Twins stars go.

I loathe the Dallas Cowboys with a fervent passion. I want to see them die. That’s probably what others feel about the Yankees, but I admire how the Cowboys do business. It’s the same for the Yankees — only they did it first. They signed Babe Ruth, they grew home talent (Gehrig, Mantle, Berra, DiMaggio). It had nothing to do with free agent signings — in fact the “first” prominent free agent signing the Yankees had was Reggie Jackson, in my opinion.

Sure, the Yankees have money. They don’t “keep” their money like Angelos or Podlaha does. They reinvest the money into the system. Their ROI (return of investment) is, what, 1,000%? Seriously. No other professional team aside from the Cowboys can claim that.

So, after signing Teixeira, the Yankees have the best rotation, and one of the top lineups in the AL. You don’t like it? Too bad.

P.S. Jane Heller of Confessions of a She-Fan has this cool post on the NY Times “Bats” blog about this very topic.