Jon Heyman at SI claims that a Mark Teixeira deal may be imminent.

Citing sources, Heyman says that talks are heating up and that Teixeira will probably have a new team before Christmas. MLB generally closes shop from Dec. 25 to January 1, except agents and executives may continue negotiating.

From Heyman:

The Red Sox, disappointed when they failed to make a deal with Teixeira late last week, are still viewed as the favorite by most executives on other teams, though it’s not known whether that’s inside information or guesswork. While most free agents tend to take the highest offer, there’s skepticism that a player of Teixeira’s stature would choose teams like the Nationals or Orioles, who appear to be at least a couple years away from contention.

And there’s always the Yankees outside the bubble, ready to pop it with an offer if they feel they can get one. There are conflicting reports out there about how much the Yankees are willing to go up.

I already said this yesterday, but Tex is no Pujols. Tex is no A-Rod. He is not worth $185 million. But thanks to Scott Boras, he is viewed as the next A-Rod. Oh, please.

The Yankees want to offer him 8 at $161 million, which I think is reasonable.

And that’s enough Tex talk for today, I’m sick of it.