You can always count on the Yankees captain to be a good spokesperson for the team — heck, his speech on September 21 was voted the most memorable event of the 2008 season.

Caught yesterday in Central Park for his Turn 2 Foundation event, Jeter answered a question from the reporter with a witty question of his own: “That won’t be a headline tomorrow that I said Manny’s not going to fit in fine, right?”

All humor aside, Jeter went on to explain that Manny’s personality will fit in well. He named Jason Giambi, David Wells, and Johnny Damon as examples of people who have had their own opinions/personalities (and of course, you could count on these three for good blog fodder).

I don’t doubt that Manny will fit in, my question is: will he work hard for Girardi? Torre and Franconia were both “easy” in my opinion.

At the least, a Manny in pinstripes seems to have the captain’s approval.