A couple of days ago at his charity event, Derek Jeter mentioned Manny Ramirez and how he’d fit with the team. Nothing was said about Mark Teixeira.

Well, one writer at SI, Lee Jenkins has already said that Tex will be a perfect fit for the Yankees.

Teammates joke that they have never seen him with a five-o-clock shadow, an un-tucked shirt, a hair out of place. One general manager describes him as “corporate” and “businesslike.” Teixiera describes himself as “obsessive compulsive.” Scott Boras, his agent, says Teixeira has “the make-up of a CEO.” Some may be turned off that Teixeira does not often hang around the clubhouse after games, pounding beers and telling stories. But the Yankees, who pride themselves on their professional work environment, will not mind.

Tex means business, and so do the Yankees. It’s that obvious.