Both Trevor and I weren’t able to blog on a daily basis yesterday for the first time in about two months because we both were visiting our families for the holidays. But as we all know, the Yankees never cease to be newspaper fillers.

First up on our list of news from yesterday (and this morning):

Red Sox fans are angry at Tex. Duh, we didn’t see that coming. The Red Sox really wanted Tex. Badly. They viewed him as a replacement for Manny Ramirez, so they got a double punch to the guts: one that they lost him, second to the Yankees.

The Globe-produced fan site Boston Dirt Dogs took its usual stance – after fawning over Teixeira a week ago, their “Yankee Flipper” story featured several snappy one-liners, including “Bronx Bumblers Overpay for Overrated First Baseman, DH-Type.” This from a site that a week ago asked, “Is There a Portuguese Prince on the Horizon in Boston?” and reminded the loyal legions “It’s Pronounced Tei-SHAIR-ah … But Boston Will End Up Calling Him Tex.” They’ll probably be calling him something else now.

I’m never a fan of Curt “the Idiot” Schilling, but he did say something sensible on his blog — for once.

Please stop with the greedy bum statements too, all of you screaming that would be saying nothing if the Sox had ante’d up. I’m surprised but I don’t think nearly as much as most others. Why? Because not once, never, did you hear ANYTHING from Mark in this entire charade. This is how Scott Boras works, and his clients love him for it. Mark never said he wanted Boston, sources ‘close to negotiations’ did. That and a handful of nickels will get you a quarter.

Tracy Ringolsby from the Rocky Mountain News says yesterday that the Yankees will be shopping. “The Yankees are looking to move two from a group of outfielders of Xavier Nady, Swisher and Hideki Matsui. The Angels, Texas, Oakland and Atlanta are considered to have interest.”

First, what is a writer from the RMN doing? Underwhat authority does this writer claim to be knowledgable about the Yankees when they are more than 2,000 miles away?

And, my take? Why? Keep everyone. We need insurance, especially after Matsui went down and Cabrera didn’t perform to expectations. We had a very strong bench in our 1990s run and have not had a strong bench since 2004. Keep all of them. We all know by now that Joe Girardi likes to give his players rest every now and then, so Swisher will fit in fine subbing for Tex once in a while and can play the outfield.

On the Pettitte front, it looks more and more likely the Yankees will move on without Pettitte and will go with Phil Hughes as their #5 starter. I like this for a few reasons. This gives Phil the more experience he needs to get used to major league hitting than wallow in the minors for another year. However, the Yankees need an inning eater in Pettitte as Chamberlain and Hughes will be on strict innings limits this year. I still want Pettitte to sign for one more year and retire on his own terms, but he needs to commit to the $10 million contract the Yankees have reportedly given him.

Finally, former Yankee Randy Johnson will be aiming for his 300th career victory as a member of the San Francisco Giants. Hopefully he will help the rotation compete against the Dodgers this season. Congrats, Randy. It also looks like the A’s are interested in Giambi and/or Abreu. Good luck to both of these guys, especially Abreu.