The Daily News last night (in today’s print edition) has a long article about Joba Chamberlain. After much success un 2007, Joba found himself in a bigger role in 2008, but with mixed results.

After injury to his shoulder in late summer and his off field problems in the offseason, this is the year that Joba must clarify what he is to be: part of the future of the rotation or a bust.

Joba was arrested October 18 as he sped away from a nude bar with an BAL 1.5 over the legal limit, and at the same bar he jawed it off with a Sox fan.

In the article, a lifelong family friend of the Chamberlains is worried. “Joba is a great person and I love him, but now he’s ventured into something that’s not so good,” says Wally Gant, a family friend who spent long afternoons on his front porch engaged in heart-to-hearts with the teenage Joba. “I heard through the grapevine that he had been drinking more. (Success) has gotten to his head a little. If he does things like this, he won’t be able to stay in the major leagues.”

However long, the article is good and gives you an inside look into Joba’s life and what he needs to do to make 2009 a good year for him and avoid any derailments.