Phil Hughes did well in the Arizona Fall League and I feel like he might be worth a shot again this season.  He said he was feeling good physically and in control of his pitches.  I think he earned himself another chance with the Yankee Brass.  (Check out his season stats here.)

However, Pettitte should have the spot if he wants it, but I still feel as if he is not worth $10 Million/year.  He deserves one more year – but only if he really wants it.  If someone is willing to offer him more money and he wants it – good for him – maybe he needs money cause his investments tanked…who knows?

Either way, Hughes will end up getting a chance.  If he ended up starting the season at Scranton/Wilkes-Barre, at some point in the season, one of the starters will have to miss a start and Hughes would be the first called up.