It’s been blogged multiple times since being printed in yesterday’s Daily News, but I need to comment on this.

Anthony McCarron wrote a position by position preview of the Yankees and he feels there are some places the Yankees will improve on (such as A-Rod, who was coming off a divorce and the Madonna drama; Posada and Matsui bouncing back; losing Abreu and Giambi for starters), there are some question marks.

I’ll guide you all to Jason’s post at his blog. Jason analyzes what McCarron wrote and questions whether Garner is actually the centerfielder of the immediate future (while A-Jax is the centerfielder of the long-term future).  Jason believes we’ve seen speed, aggressive play, and a lot of desire from Gardner in September, and I agree.

I believe we’ll see improvement from: A-Rod, Posada, Jeter, Wang, Hughes, and Chamberlain.

We’ll see a decline in performance from: Matsui, Damon, Sabathia (he’ll probably go 15-9 with a 3.74 ERA, so call that a decline if you wish).

We’ll see more of the same from: Burnett, Nady, Cabrera, Cano.

That’s my take. What’s yours?