Because Manny was greedy, Manny might not get megabucks in 2009.

Because Manny protested, faked a knee injury, did not lift his bat from his shoulder against Mo and all the crap he started.

No one wants to bid on Manny. Not even the Dodgers. They’re apparently after Adam Dunn now.

No team is willing to take a multiyear risk on a player who is prone to toddler tantrums. The Yankees could have afforded that, but now they have $450 million invested this year alone, they are done.

Buster Olney illustrates a picture of “what if…” Manny had sucked up and played in Boston the remainder of the year, and his contract. The Red Sox might as well have been celebrating their third championship in five years.

Instead, the only team that could practically use Manny’s services is — the Red Sox. And they won’t go there again.

So, Manny has no one to blame but himself. He finds himself on the outside looking inside.