The great Kat O’Brien interviewed Mark Teixeira’s former manger Buck Showalter today, and he had some good things to say about him:


“I think he’ll do well. All multi-year contracts have some risk, but I think he’s a great health risk. He’s not going to embarrass you on or off the field. He’s going to be prepared. He’s got a real passion for (the game). … If there’s such a thing as a safe eight-year contract, that would be it. He’s been so consistent and so healthy.”

“When it’s all said and done, I think he’s going to rank up there with some of the great switch-hitters.”

“He’s been a little bit of a slow starter, which doesn’t necessarily play well in New York.” (Will that be a problem for him, case him to get off on the wrong foot?) “I don’t think so. I think Mark has a lot of self-confidence, and rightly so, because of the way he works and prepares.”

“He’ll be there for the long haul. He understands the things that go along with being a major league baseball player and also a Yankee.”

“I think people will really appreciate what a good first baseman Mark is. He’s really made himself into that — you forget he was drafted as a third baseman. If I was Alex or Derek or Robby Cano, I’d be excited about getting him. He’ll make all three of those guys better with his defense.”


Last week, I accused Chris of having a man-crush on Teixeira.  After hearing all this great stuff about him lately, I might be developing one myself.