It’s 2009 and there are a slew of free agents still available. Three big Yankee names still remain unsigned: Bobby Abreu, Jason Giambi, and Andy Pettitte.

SI’s Jon Heyman ranked the top 20 remaining free agents. One guess who is number one, and no, it’s not Manny.

Yep, Heyman ranked Abreu number one. Bobby’s one of three MLB players who has had at least 100 RBI the last six seasons. The other two are A-Rod and Albert Pujols. Heyman has Giambi at #8 and Ramirez at #13 and Pettitte at #12.

I don’t know what Heyman was thinking when he wrote this. I think Abreu is at worst a #3, but Giambi at #8 and Pettitte at #12? Even worse, Ramirez at #13?

I’d put Ramirez at #1, seriously. He’s one of the best hitters of his generation and he should be #1. Abreu could be #3. Giambi should be a high teens and Pettitte should be a low teens.