Last spring, when Hank Steinbrenner boldly declared this a Yankee country, he gave me my favorite line that I’ve been using often: “Go anywhere in America and you won’t see Red Sox hats and jackets, you’ll see Yankee hats and jackets. This is a Yankee country. We’re going to put the Yankees back on top and restore the universe to order.”

Today his younger brother, Hal, has given me another quote. Courtesy of PeteAbe and his fellow writer at today’s Teixeira signing:

On other owners being critical of the Yankees’ spending spree: “If some owners are upset we invest in our team, I’m not going to lose any sleep over it.”

Seriously! Isn’t that an awesome quote. In other words, if other MLB owners whine, shut the f%@& up.

Aren’t the Steinbrenner brothers awesome or what?