Yesterday, the billionaire owner of the Minnesota Twins died at the age of 93.

Carl Pohlad, who amassed his worth through his own work, bought the Twins in 1984 for $34 million dollars and was a decent owner, winning two World Series (1987 and 1991), 2 AL Pennants and 6 division titles as owner.

I’ve bashed Pohlad in the past for being a greedy owner who complains about the Yankees and won’t use his money to reinvest in his own team like the Steinbrenners do, but Pohlad is a nice guy, and a good owner. Great? No. Good, yes.A perfect example? He refused to finance the building of a new stadium for the Twins, even thought he clearly had the money available.

Under his leadership as owner, the Twins had one of the best teams of the late ’80s. Along with the Athletics, the Twins were the talk of the town between 1986 and 1990. My favorite player on the Twins team that era was the portly Puckett.

So, I’ll tip my hat to Pohlad, and hope the next owner — whether it stays in the family — will consider this a good investment and help build the Twins into a legitimate contender.