Its been pretty slow the last couple of days in the Yankee world.  Here’s a quick rundown of the baseball world this weekend.

  • As if the last four years weren’t painful enough, Carl Pavano opened his fat mouth to on Friday and had some really “interesting” things to say.   “When you’re down, you expect your organization to pick you up, not kick you when you’re down,” Pavano said. “I’ve had to pick myself up quite a few times the last four years.”  Carl…are you joking?  Of course you had to!  When your teammates feel disgusted enough with you to blast you in the media for not working hard enough rehabbing from your injuries, you are doing something wrong.  When you play 26 games in 4 years for $40 Million, you are doing something wrong.  Can’t wait to see him lose to the Yankees during the first series at the new stadium.
  • Earlier in the week, I posted some info about Mark Teixeira and how he is excited to be a Yankee and how he looked up to Donnie Baseball when he was younger.   Kevin Kernan found out that Mattingly is a fan of Teixeira, as well.    “Teixeira’s a great player, there’s no question about that and I appreciate the way he plays and I think the Yankee fans are going to enjoy him,” Donnie Baseball said. “I had lunch with him a few years back, so I knew he was a fan. He seemed like a really good kid.”  Mattingly will again be Joe Torre’s hitting coach in 2009.
  • Bill Ladson from is reporting that the Washington Nationals have shown interest in Xavier Nady and Nick Swisher.  The Nationals currently have an opening in right field, since Elijah Dukes should be playing center and an opening at first base, since current 1B Nick Johnson is injury prone.  Its not clear who they would be willing to give the Yankees in return.  I’d like to see the Yankees maintain a strong bench going into ’09.
  • The Red Sox have added another old, injury prone pitcher that the pro-Boston media is calling a “low-risk, high reward gamble.”  Instead, I refer to the recent additions as  “the push to finish 3rd in the AL East.”  The Sox added relief pitcher Takashi Saito, who played for the LA Dodgers the last three seasons as their closer.  He was injured part way through the season and lost his spot in the bullpen.  The Dodgers opted not to offer him a new deal this offseason.  This addition comes on the heels of the announced signing of John Smoltz, a great pitcher a few years ago, but injured and somewhat ineffective the last couple.  Bill Madden is calling it “A tale of two stoves.”  While the Yankees shop in the high-end stores and are breaking the bank; the Sox are shopping in the bargain bin, picking up players that might be good, but we’ll see how they hold up.
  • Finally, Jason at Heartland Pinstripes has another great post about the problems with the BBWAA and voting for Hall of Famers.  Apparently, some writers are leaving Hall of Fame Lock Rickey Henderson off their ballots for seemingly ridiculous reasons.  For some reason, the last two years have demonstrated to me there is a problem with the voting of Hall of Famers by the BBWAA.  Apparently, many writers vote without knowledge of the players and situations and, in many cases, make stupid votes based on politics and misinformation.  I think there needs to be a change in the voting qualifications.  Anyways, the Hall of Fame class will be announced on Monday.