After losing John Smoltz to the Boston Red Sox, the Atlanta Braves wasted little time in adding a new arm to the rotation.  Dodgers Free Agent pitcher Derek Lowe has agreed to terms with the Braves, reaching a preliminary agreement on a 4 year, $60 Million contract.

Lowe is 36, so the contract does carry some risk, but at this point, it seems the Braves did not have any other options.  They lost AJ Burnett to the Yankees and were not able to come to an agreement with the San Diego Padres on a trade for Jake Peavy.  Lowe had been offered 3 years, $36 Million from the NY Mets and although they seemed ready to offer more money, they seemed hesitant about a fourth year.  Now, he will be playing against the Mets, in the same division.