Yup, you read that headline right. During yesterday’s hearing on public financing for Yankee Stadium, Assemblyman Richard Brodsky said to Yankees President Levine and NYC Economic Development Chief Seth Pinsky, “I would welcome the chance to have a civil, in-your-face fist fight with either of you.”

This role model of an assemblyman represents Westchester County, and is clearly grandstanding for attention.  Although I happen to agree with Brodsky that the Yankees need to find a way to finance more of the project themselves, I don’t really think challenging Levine to a “civil fist-fight” is the way to go about it.

“In these tough times you should be encouraging us to create jobs instead of engaging in political grandstanding that discourages it,” Levine told Brodsky.  I’ll agree with Levine on this one.  Shut your mouth, Brodsky, unless you can come up with something more rational to say.